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Can’t rename default folder names for Room and resource mailboxes with MFCMAPI

  1. To get the MS-Exchange calendar ICS to include a name line other than “X-WR-CALNAME:Calendar” (which, when trying to aggregate calendars, does not play well with other mailbox calendars also emitted by MS-Exchange with default name )
  2. when trying to follow the renaming instructions here using MFCMAPI (which seem however for personal mailboxes, not the different folder hierarchy: “information store”).
  3. I only get  this 0x8004011b mapi_e_corrupt_data (would have kind of surprised me they had let me mess with MS-Exchange, this is not PST world anymore):  renaming default folder names in room and resource mailboxes with mfcmapi fails
  4. Is there another way to rename room/resource mailbox calendars? Seems like not. But there is a recommended feedback form for this (or is this for office online only, not for exchange on premise?).

Calendar ICS corruption

  1. The (Drupal-based?) ICS linked for the ACADEMIC calendar does not display properly in MS-Outlook and other ICS-compatible calendar readers (all events form the Academic calendar seem to get display at the current date and time when this screenshot was taken. The ICS portion for the Administrative calendar does not seem to have the same problem). provost-in-outlook-academic-messed-up
  2. Both do seem to display on the Provost webpage:provost-calendar-in-webbrowser
  3. The same holds true for the underlying registrar calendar ICS that is aggregated by the provost’s page.
  4. Some debugging information when loading : “You have subscribed to “p.”. 19 out of 169 events were successfully added to your calendar. There seemed to be some problems with the other events in the file you were importing.”