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Yet another couple of glitches solved in setting up Outlook 2013 with Gmail IMAP for GoogleApps

  1. I googled and followed this useful guide. However, a couple of glitches remained:
  2. Connection to Incoming mail server fails if you really just put your username:
    1. put instead of
    2. image
  3. Test send of email message through outgoing server fails if you just followed instructions:
    1. image
    2. Click on button: “More” / tab: “Outgoing Server” / do check box “My outgoing server requires authentication ”  and log on (I now prefer to be explicit, after the initial mixup of usernames for incoming and outgoing), enter your full and password. No need to enable SPA, though.
    3. image
  4. Viola  image Smile(and quousque tandem…, sigh Sad smile).

Protected: LRC calendars requirements and configuration management

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Web browser popup blocker exceptions need configuring


  1. Which computers
    1. This I found on the Reception desk
    2. but isn’t that then also wrong on all student pcs which have the same base image?
  2. Which exceptions missing: I noticed immediately:
    2. should read
  3. Which browsers
    1. Example is IE9,
    2. But are others different?

Student email in Office365/ slow on reception desk computers

  1. Problem: Since last week (or so; interestingly, only individual users seem to have been affected at first), we seem to experiencing regular (but not consistent) issues with meeting requests mostly
    1. slowness
    2. browser-specific behavior
      1. internet explorer 9: crashes
      2. chrome: crashes
      3. Firefox: (sometimes just seems to hang, with some coercion can bring up an “unresponsive script” warning dialogue that a script is hanging: image
  2. Workaround:
    1. Best so far: if you see the Firefox warning dialogue, check “do not warn again” and click on “continue”(?)
    2. we will try to look into common browser configuration (like popup blockers).
  3. Root cause: ?
    1. Firefox provides only this help on unresponsive script error;
    2. the slowness could be in the actual script, on the client, in the network, on the server…
  4. Resolution: ?

MS-Exchange and Outlook enable managing scheduling of 100+ functional resources

High-level Reporting: clip_image004[5]

Also, it is easy to manage calendars by  group calendars, e.g.


Creation of calendar groups is also easy via the outlook address book:


It is Outlook (Desktop) currently only (not Exchange 2010 OWA) that allows for High-level Reporting. And even here, there are limitations:



Why meeting organizers should cancel meetings from their calendar and not by email

  1. Because cancelling from the calendar like in video2 here sends  the meeting participants not only a (0)message, which includes a handy “Remove from calendar” button,
  2. but also – in case they fail to see the message – a (1) “Cancelled” indicator on their calendars,
  3. while third parties who want to schedule a meeting with the meeting participants, see those participants (including an Rooms that “participate”) as (2) free/available during the time slot of the cancelled meeting,
  4. as you can see in this example: image

Have patience if you see “No free/busy information could be retrieved” on Room mailbox

When trying to schedule a room, I am now seeing this: image

When ctrl-right clicking: image, I get this as my connection status:


Becomes available after a long while:


What can I tell my users how long is the wait currently usually is?

What a delegate in MS-Outlook/MS-Exchange is and does

  1. Definitions:
    1. I would say: S/he can act on your behalf, while you keep in the loop and others see who s/he is acting on behalf of which disintermediates (e.g. saves tags like “This message is sent on behalf of [you]”: The message will appear to originate from you, as it ought to – imagine e.g. that users want to search their email for “from:[you]”).
    2. Looking for guidance, I find has generally good instructions for their similar Outlook/Exchange environment, so I also quote them:
      1. Just as an assistant can help you manage your paper mail, your assistant can use Outlook to act on your behalf”.
      2. “If your manager has granted you delegate access, you have the ability to act "on behalf of" him or her. Depending on exactly how much access they’ve given you, you may be able to respond to meeting requests, send out meeting invitations, and handle their email messages.”
    3. Find more information on delegates here for the source.
  2. Sounds interesting? Next steps:
    1. How you can set up a delegate
    2. what does the delegate see/do