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Yet another couple of glitches solved in setting up Outlook 2013 with Gmail IMAP for GoogleApps

  1. I googled and followed this useful guide. However, a couple of glitches remained:
  2. Connection to Incoming mail server fails if you really just put your username:
    1. put instead of
    2. image
  3. Test send of email message through outgoing server fails if you just followed instructions:
    1. image
    2. Click on button: “More” / tab: “Outgoing Server” / do check box “My outgoing server requires authentication ”  and log on (I now prefer to be explicit, after the initial mixup of usernames for incoming and outgoing), enter your full and password. No need to enable SPA, though.
    3. image
  4. Viola  image Smile(and quousque tandem…, sigh Sad smile).