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More Moodle Kaltura video assignments here: French

  1. Yay! You can find the assignment right on your course home page:  french vance 1
  2. french vance
  3. Provided you do not miss the deadline – visit your calendarfrench vance calendar, better load your deadlines into NINERMAIL at term start
  4. Come to the LRC to record your Moodle video assignment and practice speaking with our webcams.

How to start the term with making your Moodle courses available to your students

  1. Three simple steps:
  2. moodle-unhide
  3.  moodle-unhide2
  4. moodle-unhide3
  5. Beats making courses available by default, when you might still refine them.

How to duplicate assignments in Moodle course sections by importing

  1. Limitation: You cannot use other users’content. Use the backup/restore content procedure instead.
  2. Benefits are:
    1. You can save the time it would take to redo the assignment from scratch.
    2. plus avoid breaking things when you try and copy the assignment over manually: this built –in way does not break links.
  3. But have to jump through these hoops:
    1. Start here:import-1
      1. Choose your source course which has the assignment: import0
      2. Then choose what assignment you want to import: import1
      3. Jumpimport2
      4. throughimport3
      5. theimport4
      6. hoopsimport5
      7. done:  import6-done

Deepfreeze sees no clients

  1. Problem: Deepfreeze Console cannot see its clients anymore, including the ones that remain in history from before: deepfreeze-console
  2. Here is the client status on one of the frozen  computers in history:deepfreeze-client
  3. Solution: This can happend when the client cannot connect to the Deepfreeze server. Make sure that you have the current server address.

Protected: Login stopped working?

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SkyDrive updated

  1. A timely upgrade for use of  Office online  in a mixed business environment:
    1. skydrive-new-sharing-20111129
    2. skydrive-new-sharing-20111129a
    3. Results in: skydrive-new-sharing-20111129b
  2. Better sharing is just one of the improvements: Read more here. A bit more “more” what the different options entail is available here.
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LRC computer and other hardware inventory

  1. These lists document hardware owned by the LRC:
    1. Symantec-Ghost generated.
    2. A handmade overview (partially based on the previous) can be (permissions provided) viewed or edited here.

Symantec Ghost Software inventory of the LRC PCs

  1. This list documents the configuration of the LRCRoomCoed434 and LRCRoomCoed433PCs (that are imaged using the Symantec Ghost client).
    1. View here.
    2. LRC staff click here for edit in browser access to the non-embedded list.
    3. Click here for background information about this inventorying method.