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Download for free Arabic diacritizer, romanized to Arabic script converter for Office 2013

  1. The Arabic Authoring services help users read and write Arabic faster.
    1. Maren Reader helps users read Romanized Arabic by converting the Romanized script into Arabic script.
    2. Diacritizer restores the missing diacritics in the Arabic text, which allows users to write text without diacritics and have the service restore them.”
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  3. These tools should be useful for fledgling learners of Arabic – but don’t solely rely on them, since computers processing human language still make errors.
  4. These tools were developed by Microsoft Research Labs Cairo, learn more about them.
  1. destiny rasheed
    2015/06/21 at 11:04

    good day,

    I couldn’t find the link of Download for free Arabic diacritizer on your site and i was surprised few guys were appraising the software. so i guess maybe i could not locate it well. can you please email me the link or properly direct me on how to download the software appropraitely.

    thanks for the great work of humanity

  2. abdul basit bin mahmood
    2015/07/06 at 09:17

    Salem alaikum. I am here to inquire on how to download the Arabic diacritizer software. Because It’s not part of the article presented and any useful information will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

  3. 2015/07/18 at 11:35

    I have not checked in a while, but if the links included in the article don’t work anym9re, try Googling it. I’d appreciate a comment here if you locate the current download.

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