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Problems with accented characters in Respondus Lockdown Browser

Update: Just click on the menu item “ A” under Respondus titlebar window to bring the floating accents window back. image Problem is only: this menu disappears now also. Anyhow: using below keyboard shortcuts is faster, and MS FixIT can now enable it for you on your home or office PC also.

Respondus Lockdown browser limits the use of modifier keys (e.g. on Windows CTRL, ALT). This prevents the use of certain traditional keyboard shortcuts for entering foreign language accented characters – including the method from times yore: ALT+number code.

Respondus Lockdown browser can work with a floating toolbar for accented characters. Unfortunately, reports are in that the floating toolbar disappears (may be related to a recent Respondus upgrade?).

Fortunately, Windows US-international keyboard – the default in the LRC – is not as much hampered by Respondus – except in t he few cases where US-international keyboard also relies on ALT- and CTRL-modifier: consult this table.

Press (, then release)

then press

Example Result

` (accent grave)

any letter that can have this accent, e.g. “a”, also cedilla ç




^ (caret)-


  1. Rhegan Phelps
    2012/09/12 at 15:47

    Have you noticed the à icon on the toolbar in LockDown Browser? It’s provides a large palette of characters for use in foreign languages. Also, there are many localized versions of LockDown Browser that might solve your issue.

    • 2012/09/14 at 20:41

      Thanks, Rhegan, our students have not notivced it, they just experience the toolbar disappearing. I hope they like the US-International keyboard layout better anyway, once they realize, it has been there all the time: It is easier, faster, and more consistent.

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  2. 2021/12/28 at 08:41

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