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Blog table of contents to sort through 1200+ articles

This platform needs a better search/sort/filter – Excel Web App to the rescue: Here tags and categories are sorted alphabetically, allowing for and-searches, while the Excel advanced filters enables more sophisticated or-Searches. No search can be better than the metadata inputted, to clean that up, authenticated users can click the edit- or (make shift) daylink.

Advanced language learners can test their English, German or Spanish proficiency in 3.5 minutes here using Exhale

2014/05/23 4 comments

Update: A new version of the Spanish vocabulary test is here, and the English vocabulary test has been updated here.

Go here and click English or German, or  (also requiring only 3.5 minutes to take, but more for  manually grading your test with this answer key) go here for Spanish, if you want to to take a simple quick vocabulary test that has been shown to correlate well with general proficiency.  You can find more info here on English and German, and here on Spanish.

Paper @ CALICO 2014: Using NLP Platforms for Language Learning Material Production

…has been accepted for inclusion in the program for CALICO 2014, May 9-10 at Ohio University, (Athens, OH) and was presented on May 9: Here are abstract and slide deck:

Installing dkPro in 2014…

  • … proved easier than 2012  (thanks, Richard Smile), but still not for the faint of heart…
  • I got it to work maven-download-sources, despite an update release of ver 1.6 – once again like in 2012 – in the middle of my installation travails.
  • Read all about those in here.

How to install and use a free dictionary/encyclopedia app in MS-Word 2013

Installing is easy (our example is Wikipedia): Right-click a word, pick “define” from the  context menu, the click download in the side pane for the app you choose.


Usage is also easy: To look up phrases, select, right-click and choose define: imageimage

To look up individual words, you can also just double-click the word: image

You can also click “Expand”: image

To install more dictionaries after the first one, click Insert / Apps for Office. imageimage

You can search for your L2 (too many to list): image

It works for base forms: image

But I cannot lemmatize (ouch): image

I found out that when I go to Insert/ My Apps/ See all : image, I can show more than one app in the side pane.


However,how o I change the default lookup that happens on double click on a word?