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Advanced language learners can test their English, German or Spanish proficiency in 3.5 minutes here using Exhale

2014/05/23 4 comments

Update: A new version of the Spanish vocabulary test is here, and the English vocabulary test has been updated here.

Go here and click English or German, or  (also requiring only 3.5 minutes to take, but more for  manually grading your test with this answer key) go here for Spanish, if you want to to take a simple quick vocabulary test that has been shown to correlate well with general proficiency.  You can find more info here on English and German, and here on Spanish.

AP Exams in the LRC with Sanako Study 1200

You first need to enable AP examinations in the Sanako Study 1200 settings (not enabled by default).  image

Only then you can follow the instructions from the Sanako documentation: “The AP® Exam is an exam type that is used in the highschool level by the Advanced Placement Program in the United States. With Study 1200 you can also accomplish externally-certified AP® oral exams and the Study 1200 student application provides a quick, easy and efficient exam vehicle. Before initiating the actual test, the students give their exam number code. To start the entering mode for the students’ PIN codes, click Send ID requests. The students enter their exam PIN code in the dialog that appears on their screens. The PIN codes appear on your GUI’s class view under each student icon. To initiate the exam, click Start. The media source is connected to the students, and the students are automatically recorded. The students hear all further instructions and the exam questions from the exam source and proceed with the exam as instructed. To end the exam, click End. The student recording collection window opens automatically and you can collect the student tracks for later evaluation.”

How to easily merge MP3 files

  1. There are many ways, including many that are easier than doing it manually in Audacity.
  2. MergeMP3 is a free and easy one that worked here: mergemp3

UNCC LCS Language Placement Exam Information

  1. Short URL of this page for over the phone inquiries:
  2. The dates for the language placement exam are listed
    1. on the LCS department webpage. If you have trouble locating this page, use this canned Google search “placement exam”;
    2. on the calendar of the LRC main classroom (where the exam is held).
  3. The requirements, limitations and step-by-step procedure off the exam are explained here:

UNCC LRC Language Placement Test: Web-CAPE Online Placement Exam Step-by-Step

2011/06/08 1 comment
  1. The Online Placement Exam is designed to help you determine the first course you should take, based on your ability. This multiple-choice [no speaking, listening or writing required] exam presents questions of different ability levels, adapting the next question’s level according to your answers.  The number of questions you will be required to complete depends upon your ability to use the language. The duration of the test varies, but it usually takes 15-20 minutes to complete [but can be finished after only 4 questions, and we will give you up to an hour time to complete the exam]”.
  2. The proctored exam takes place in the LRC (COED434). The exam schedule is published in the LRC COED434 calendar. Read more on how to view the LRC calendar from within the new NINERMAIL.
  3. When taking the exam during the proctored session in the language center [do not take the exam on your own], to sign up for the test, you have to go to: (note: the “s” behind “http” is required), this now forwards to:, for which sthe shortcut is:
  4. signup
  5. First chose UNCC (Avoid the common error of choosing another University of the UNC system, you will not be able to take the test if you do):
  6. signup-uni
  7. Then choose your language – note that UNCC only allows testing in French, German and Spanish.
  8. signup-language
  9. Fill out the other form fields with your information.
  10. Finally, you need one of these credit cards, and the proper billing info, to take the  test:
  11. signup-credit
  12. Next, you will have to enter your NINERNET student id number.
  13. The exam results will eventually go to your file. However, they will have to be post-processed by the department. Do not take the exam without coordinating with the Department of Language and Culture Studies, or else your exam results will get lost!
  14. Remember that you can repeat the placement test, even though the number of retries per languages is limited to two (your score will get invalidated after that!).
  15. Remember also that is not advisable to study for (let alone cheat during) a placement exam,  or  else you will get placed into a course that is not right for you.