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Imran’s Phonetic Keyboard for Arabic




Learners of Arabic who type in Arabic on a Western Keyboard prefer a keyboard layout closer to the phonetic of the US keyboard than the Arabic keyboard layouts that MS provides (but try also phonetically transcribing IME like Google Arabic Input or Microsoft Maren – provided the pedagogy of your writing assignment permits that! Also note the LRC has 1 hardware keyboard with overlay keys for Arabic). Here is what your keyboard installation looks like in intl.cpl: image

  1. Zeeshan Mujtaba
    2013/12/18 at 22:15

    Hi, where can I download this keyboard from?

  2. 2014/01/14 at 01:20

    كيف احمل هذا مجانا؟ انصرني يا أخي الكريم.

    • 2014/01/14 at 09:32

      If you want to download it, you used to be able to for free from the forum post I linked in this article.

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