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LRC Spring 2013 announcements

Over the break SANAKO permissions for students and teachers were set up according to vendor specifications.


Benefits on LRC computers, office PCs (and MACs, except for Sanako standalone recorder; try also home computers if you use university network shares from home):

1.   Teachers in LCS and ELTI can save their learning material files directly from their office PCs to the SANAKO folders for distribution within the LRC.

2.   Teachers don’t anymore have to request  permission for SANAKO before first visit of the LRC with students enrolled in  ARBC, CHNS, ELT, FLED, FREN, GERM, GREK, ITLN , JAPN, LACS, LATN , LTAM, PORT, RUSS, SPAN, TRAN, they  automatically have access to use the SANAKO in the LRC.

3.   Teachers can from their office PCs grade their students’

    1. writing with written feedback
    2. and  recordings with oral feedback using Sanako voice-insert
    3. and have the feedback automatically distributed to students (requires  finalization of my langlabemailer extension for the SANAKO).


While I have no tools to test the permissions, I am optimistic  that this will work much better than the unfinished configuration we had to make do with during the first 21 months of the SANAKO. In the unlikely event that you run into errors, let us know like so: https://thomasplagwitz.com/2011/10/18/how-to-make-a-screenshot-of-your-computer-screen/).


Unfortunately, the SANAKO root  folder had to be changed also due to new ITS requirements. This breaks the  folder shortcuts (not the standalone recorder) that  I have manually added to some teacher’s computers. I am investigating whether a new computer management tool ITS is introducing (TEM) can do this update of shortcut, as well install  of shortcuts and Sanako standalone recorder. In the meantime,  I updated  goo.gl/yqR18 (password:uncclrct), your entry point to SANAKO folders (explanation and clickable link) , whether you work on the LRC teacher computer on your office PC or MAC. I also have a simple step-by-step how to install the standalone student recorder if you need it sooner: goo.gl/LzuDE.


Workshops: Teachers have requested earlier SANAKO workshops this term, at the same time finding common time for LRC workshop  scheduling  has proven to be difficult.  So I would like to test 2 new things:

1.   expanding the self-access training materials collection introduce during the last workshop: goo.gl/r5Izg (work in progress, your companion at the teacher station with  step-by-step videos for common Sanako activities.

2.   offering a bi-weekly drop-in clinic  (from week 3) for preparing activities based on these training materials.

a.    Where: All clinics will be in the LRC main classroom, in the hope of using the SANAKO hands-on the creation and delivery of learning materials/activities, helping multiple teachers simultaneously.

When: So that everybody can find a time that fits into their schedule, the time-slot of the clinic  will be rolling through-out the term (starting  on Tuesday at  an even hour and on Thursday at an odd hour), and continuing  2hrs later each consecutive week (barring  your prior booking of the LRC for classes and exams  which take priority – please book as soon as you finalize your syllabus so that I can finalize the clinic schedule). Just  look for "Sanako Clinic" in the LRC calendar (http://mail.uncc.edu/owa/calendar/LRCRoomCOED434@uncc.edu/Calendar/calendar.html, or to be able to search, add it to your NINERMAIL like so: https://thomasplagwitz.com/2011/11/21/how-to-subscribe-to-an-lrc-calendar/) and drop-in to create plans and materials for SANAKO activities like in the companion. If, however, you need a different time slot, send a meeting request to LRCroomcoed434@uncc.edu and me and I will reschedule for this week  (please "signal" early so as to avoid  "bumping " other clinic attendants.

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