How to get started with Moodle here

  1. Moodle is the UNCC LMS – it is central to teaching with technology.
  2. The LRC provides Moodle-information specific to language learning, incuding FAQ’s.
  3. The CTL (= Center for Teaching and Learning) has oodles of general Moodle help.
  4. Search the CTL site for Moodle by clicking here, and you will find:
    1. Moodle specific:
      1. view Moodle on-demand screencast video tutorials,
      2. read Moodle FAQ’s (updated).
      3. sign up for instructor-led (face-to-face or webinars, some of which are archived and available on-demand) training:
        1. Updated  Webinar list, which includes for Moodle (I highlighted the more general ones)
          1. Avoiding the Moodle Scroll of Death (30 min. Webinar)
          2. Copying a Moodle Course (30 min. Webinar)
          3. Find & Embed Videos in Moodle (30-min. Webinar)
          4. How Do I: Peer Review in Moodle (30 min. Webinar)
          5. Incorporating Streaming Media into Moodle (30 min. Webinar)
          6. Making Moodle Beautiful (30 min. Webinar)
          7. Moodle 2 FAQ (30 min. Webinar)
          8. Moodle Grade Book and Mail Merge (30-min. Webinar)
          9. Moodle Under the Hood (30 min. Webinar)
          10. Using Moodle’s Team Assignment (30 min. Webinar)
        2. Previous (Moodle 1.9)
          1. Teaching with Moodle: The Basics
          2. Moodle: More Than a Course Website
          3. Using the Moodle Grade Book
          4. Moodle Open Swim (your remaining questions will be answered),
    2. There is more Moodle-information here, just no way for me to provide a direct, filtered link so just browse the pages:
      1. the CTL podcasts
        1. Episode 106 Getting Students to Read Your Syllabus: Quizzing in Moodle
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