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How to work around “You do not have the permission to view discussions in this forum” in Moodle 2

  1. Problem: My student staff (not sure which subset, but more than 1) gets this error in a development course that I use as a groupware when they access a news forum (that they are even force-subscribed to).
    1. image_thumb[12]
    2. CAM03124_thumb[4]
    3. The answers  for “you do not have the permission to view discussions in this forum moodle” can be found here: I actually had to deal with this issue within the last few months.  I found that to allow users to see the “News” section on the front page, you must override the role to allow: mod/forum:viewdiscussion
    4. Do not seem to apply here: In, Permitted students are already allowed to  “View discussionsmod/forum:viewdiscussion
    5. Permitted students should probably have permissions also to “Reply to newsmod/forum:replynews
    6. image_thumb[10]
    7. Also for one of the student in question (I have spotchecked only 2), I can see no suspicious activity missing: image_thumb[7]
  2. Root cause: 
  3. Students have no role in a Moodle2 Development type course .
  4. Workarounds:
    1. Assign students a role manually (tedious, and you can only assign “course manager”.
    2. Change the course type to Project (but then you cannot quiz students).
  5. Solution: a more flexible design of Project and Development courses in a future version of Moodle?

How to restrict booking permissions to resource-mailboxes from OWA

Sanako Study Tutor may crash if teacher lacks file share permissions

  1. Problem: On start of the Sanako tutor 7 (have not seen this in earlier versions, although I have seen many teachers w/o Sanako share permissions), you may immediately be confronted with this NULLREFERENCEEXCEPTION: CAM00138
  2. presumably f you have this (a teacher w/o permissions to the Sanako share):
  3. CAM00139
  4. CAM00140
  5. Workaround: Somebody with file share permissions log in instead.
  6. Solution: Get permissions set up automatically for all classes, including short term.

How you can fix student homework “file save errors” on Sanako Study 1200 and Windows XP

  1. Background: We recently got our Sanako network share permissions set up to vendor specifications, and the privileges tightened up appropriately. Fortunately, in the process of this, I was warned to make sure Windows XP has the registry key set: MoveSecurityAttributes, as otherwise XP does not update the permissions when moving files between folders:
  2. Symptom: Here is how this seems to have played out with Sanako ”homework” files (which get sent from the teacher to the student for writing and submitted back), specifically with files that I had:
    1. uploaded from my office PC (XP without the MoveSecurityAttributes key)  to the Sanako teacher share
    2. tried to deploy as homework from the Sanako Study 1200 teacher  station (also XP without the MoveSecurityAttributes key), resulting in a “file save” error:before-MoveSecurityAttributes-on-teacher
    3. Additional context:
      1. sending files to students failed, but not to teachers;
      2. student had not run out of file space on the network share;
      3. students did not lack permissions to the Sanako network share in general;
      4. we did not run into issues with Sanako exam audio recordings which are sent from the student PCs to the network share.
    4. Resolution:
      1. adding HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MoveSecurityAttributes, DWORD ,1, to the computer the files originates from:
        1. first the office pc: this did not fix the issue.
        2. then the teacher PC: this seems to have fixed the issue:after-MoveSecurityAttributes-on-teacher
        3. Here is hoping that this can fix your “file save”error also.
  3. Update: Also consult Raymond Chen’s "Wait, so does moving a file recalculate inherited permissions or doesn’t it?", and the hearty discussion that ensued. 

Protected: Sanako Study 1200 Network Share Permissions

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Getting answers for the LRC management from Report Express

    1. Report Express is a powerful tool to get current enrolment data which seems vital for running the LRC, but which I have not been able to get my hands on before easily (SCT-Banner limits access too much).
    2. Excel download format – which I recommend : cleaner (fewer graphics) and more information – DOES work, but for Excel 2010, I have to rename the download file extension from XLS to HTML (which the download is) and “open with”  –> Excel.
    3. I have not been successful merging these output files per language on the command line into one large HTML file and cleaning up the <html><body> framework – so I have to open each one, merge by copy/paste the contents of the result worksheet into a new worksheet and clean up the data in there by converting into an Excel Table and sorting by a suitable table column, e.g. ID, which puts all actual enrolment data sequentially, and separates all (redundant anyways) header and footer information.
    4. I finally added table columns with array formulas to calculate the enrolment aggregates,
      1. per this section (to answer questions like: will this class fit into the language resource center?),
      2. this course # (to answer questions like: where can we have maximum impact on improving learning with technology with creating the minimum of new learning/assessment materials. Assessment is standardized per course #.)
      3. and per language-level.
    5. Finally,  vlookup-columns allow me to link the instructor of record and other missing class information (room, building, time) to the student enrolment rows. This allows me to filter, sort and search the enrolment sheet with real-life questions, like
      1. can we support this size class/course/level and language in the LRC
      2. is it practical to relocate this course for part/a whole class meeting to the LRC
      3. which students need be given access permissions to the SANAKO
      4. etc.
    6. Sample filter of the aggregate sheet: enrolment-with-vlookup

Protected: How to get an email and username list of your class out of Report Express

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Protected: How to get an email list of your class out of SCT-Banner

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