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How you can fix student homework “file save errors” on Sanako Study 1200 and Windows XP

  1. Background: We recently got our Sanako network share permissions set up to vendor specifications, and the privileges tightened up appropriately. Fortunately, in the process of this, I was warned to make sure Windows XP has the registry key set: MoveSecurityAttributes, as otherwise XP does not update the permissions when moving files between folders:
  2. Symptom: Here is how this seems to have played out with Sanako ”homework” files (which get sent from the teacher to the student for writing and submitted back), specifically with files that I had:
    1. uploaded from my office PC (XP without the MoveSecurityAttributes key)  to the Sanako teacher share
    2. tried to deploy as homework from the Sanako Study 1200 teacher  station (also XP without the MoveSecurityAttributes key), resulting in a “file save” error:before-MoveSecurityAttributes-on-teacher
    3. Additional context:
      1. sending files to students failed, but not to teachers;
      2. student had not run out of file space on the network share;
      3. students did not lack permissions to the Sanako network share in general;
      4. we did not run into issues with Sanako exam audio recordings which are sent from the student PCs to the network share.
    4. Resolution:
      1. adding HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MoveSecurityAttributes, DWORD ,1, to the computer the files originates from:
        1. first the office pc: this did not fix the issue.
        2. then the teacher PC: this seems to have fixed the issue:after-MoveSecurityAttributes-on-teacher
        3. Here is hoping that this can fix your “file save”error also.
  3. Update: Also consult Raymond Chen’s "Wait, so does moving a file recalculate inherited permissions or doesn’t it?", and the hearty discussion that ensued. 
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