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Back in flyover country…


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I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon…

      ... ove mirabilmente era ridutto
      ciò che si perde o per nostro diffetto,
      o per colpa di tempo o di Fortuna:
      ciò che si perde qui, là si raguna.

Will pass us by and you’ll never have to see it again, okay? – So it won’t hit us? – Not a chance.

You are receding. Before you know it you’re frozen. Until 2033, 50th.

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Missed the 200,000th visit….


But for the best of reasons, I was blogging, thinking how education will be improved Smiley.

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Since when is Craigslist charging for electronics–for sale by owner?


Have not been able to find anything about this on their site, nor on the web? – Seems to have been a glitch, came back later w/o fee. Are they planning something?

Odd couple


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A little landmark


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Good that we just went

Lincoln Memorial closing because of Sequester.


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Nearing another 100k milestone…

I just noticed that – after that of my site visitors – I have accumulated  99,350 airline miles travelling for work in my current job. I am glad that it will be IALLT 2013 where I break this barrier….