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How to record your voice with Vocaroo.com

  1. Click the red record button:
  2. image
  3. IMPORTANT: You have to allow the web app access to your microphone (you would not want webpages  be able to record you without having been asked for permission, would you?): CAM01633
  4. And/or Click “allow on this screen:
  5. image
  6. Speak, when done, click the square stop button:
  7. image
  8. Click the triangle to listen to your recording (if you do not see the triangle, but a warning at the bottom, have you clicked “allow ” in step 3 above? If you are not sure, press “F5” now to refresh the page, that will bring up the dialogue again for you press “allow ”):
  9. image
  10. Listen:image
  11. Save”.
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