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Managing responses when organizing workshops with meeting requests

You can use “copy status to clipboard”


to move to and manage in excel:



Use an excel table autofilter to drill down to the actual participants:



and paste them right back into an outlook message:


Outlook can handle that (“check names”):


Cancelling a meeting request in Outlook 2007

  1. Do not merely delete the meeting from your calendar;
  2. rather: open it and use the button: cancel meeting, like so: image

First steps with MS-Calendar Analytics

2013/06/22 2 comments
  1. After installing Calendar analytics (and, if you do not already have it, PowerPivot), open the Calendaranalytics spreadsheet from your desktop and click on “Refresh Calendar”.
  2. “Enter your full email address.  Users with more than 1 email address may need to try each of them.”
  3. clip_image001
  4. clip_image002
  5. “Enter a start date and end date for the timeframes for the Dashboard to reflect”/
  6. “The interface will prompt you for the user’s aliases to add.  You can add multiple.”
  7. clip_image003
  8. “Type in users’ aliases of whom you have permission (i.e. “Full details”) to access their Outlook calendar and click Add”
  9. clip_image004
  10.  clip_image005
  11. Do not use the fully qualified email address for the alias, or else:
  12. clip_image006
  13. You cannot comma delimit  (so AutoIt to the rescue).
  14. clip_image007
  15. You can continue after such a non-fatal error:
  16. clip_image001
  17. clip_image002
  18. Is your “Update all” greyed out ? Restart Excel.
  19. clip_image003
  20. Accept the offer to upconvert:
  21. clip_image004
  22. clip_image005
  23. clip_image003
  24. Update all becoame available after restart of excel, even with download exceptions – maybe the unsaved update of the spreadsheet form powerpivot 1 was the root cause ?
  25. Not that here upconversion to the new powerpivot version does not “take”:
  26. clip_image006
  27. If after a restart of excel your powerpivot tab on the ribbon  does not show, reenable the powerpivot addin.
  28. How to reenable: excel file/ options / select dropwdown: addins, button:go, check the Checkbox  in front of powerpivot:
  29. clip_image007
  30. What if even after a restart of excel, this does not “take”?  See whether in the registry the key   CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Excel\Resiliency\DisabledItems contains the path to your powerpivot add-in,like here:
  31. clip_image008
  32. Delete the key and restart excel, your powerpivot ribbon tab =should be back. Hope this will last?
  33. clip_image009
  34. Now updating does something:
  35. clip_image010
  36. This opens the powerpivot window with the meeting data collected fro mms-exchange:
  37. clip_image011
  38. Which can be interactively: visualized in the calendaranalytics sheet
  39. clip_image012
  40. More results here.

How to easily view resource mailboxes calendar free/busy using Outlook calendar groups

  1. Display all items in a category with a single click on the checkbox I front  of the calendar group
  2. Display any portion of the time line in " scheduling view"  by
  3. Selecting the days in the square calendar sheet in the upper left
  4. Navigate the time line with the bottom horizontal scrollbar
  5. Note the additional helpful "from [start date]" indicator in a mailboxes booking that is not displayed completely
  6. How to easily view resource mailboxes calendar free busy using Outlook calendar groups

How to quickly add resource mailbox calendars as an Outlook calendar group

  1.  Right-click the left calendar tree.
  2. Choose context menu item: add calendar group / from address list:
  3. image
  4. Type " LRC" to search  – or the consistent naming scheme you implemented  (I hope!).
  5. Select all relevant calendars to add.
  6. Click on  button: "calendar".
  7. Click on  button: "ok":
  8. image
  9. Done:
  10. image

How to respond to a poll for the best meeting time using Meeting Requests

This 30-sec video shows how to cycle through optional meeting time slots: While keeping an eye on the (red underlined)  time slot currently polled, click green checkmark or red cross, you will be moved through the messages automatically:

Takes merely a minute, a few mouse clicks, hardly any mouse moves, and will clean up your inbox and send your vote to me at the same time.

How to make (and cancel) a room/resource booking without conflict by sending a meeting request from OWA and OUTLOOK–the ultimate training…

…using animated .gifs. Note the update for Outlook (desktop) users at the bottom. (Slower? Click the Links.)You can not only book like this, but any resource listed here.If you need the classroom repeatedly or other advanced features, read on.

To Book:

0.25sec,0.5sec, 0.75sec, 1sec, , 2sec, 3sec, 4sec, 5sec, 6sec, 7sec, 8sec, 9sec, 10sec. 1.5sec

To Cancel booking (why so?):

0.25sec,0.5sec, 0.75sec, 1sec, , 2sec, 3sec, 4sec, 5sec, 6sec, 7sec, 8sec, 9sec, 10sec.

Both book and cancel booking: Compact: 0.25sec,0.5sec, 0.75sec, 1sec, , 2sec, 3sec, 4sec, 5sec, 6sec, 7sec, 8sec, 9sec, 10sec. 1.5sec Or including unmarked frames: 0.25sec, 0.5sec, 0.75sec, 1sec, 1.5sec, 2sec, 3sec, 4sec, 5sec, 6sec, 7sec, 8sec, 9sec, 10sec.

And now in addition 2 screencasts (make/cancel reservation) for our OUTLOOK (desktop) users: