List of LRC rooms, equipment & tutor hours that can be booked or checked out

The LRC has 98 resources (in black letters and green (NEW Winter2012) versus purple is w/o email address and booking is still paper-based; yellowis broken;red: is missing), that, per new procedure since Fall 2011 (explained in one screenshot), from NINERMAIL or MS-Outlook (Desktop), using their email address listed in column, can

  1. be booked online by sending meeting requests (all, except ccurrently tutors&LRC assistants. See column “users” for who is allowed to book).
  2. or whose schedule can be viewed (all by staff; the calendars that can be viewed/subscribed to by students are indicated by “View” below)

Note that as of Winter 2012, physical items can only be picked up and returned when the CIRCULATION window LRCCOED436 is open which is less often than the LRCAssistant is present at the RECEPTION desk. Please check both calendars (solid color = service available = good ) before booking AND (latebreaking changes) before picking up.

The following table comprises only rooms, hardware and “human resources” of the LRC. The LRC’s physical media and learning materials can be checked out using a different system.

In the table, the column “program” explains which department and study program this resource is available for (the LRC supports LCS, and film studies there in particular, and ELTI), “user” who within the study program is allowed to book the resource (teacher, students, LRC staff, including both assistants and tutors), “resource type” whether the resource is a room/office hour, or a piece of movable equipment,  “address@uncc.eduwhich email address to send a meeting request to (shortform because of NINERMAIL length restriction), “display name” which searchable name you can find the email address under in NINERMAIL (includes tutors’s languages, explanation of room, camera and other equipment type), “make and model+manual field” the make and model of equipment items, including a link to the online maniual, if applciable, “calendar” a link to the publically viewable calendar of the resource, “max hours” the maximum duration a resource can be booked for (in hours, or 0 if there is no limit), and the “components” columns contain a parts list  for movable resources.

You can also filter, by clicking on the column header triangles, or enlarge (or hold CTRL and press +), or, if you are friends with the UNCC-LRC, edit.

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    2011/11/02 at 18:39

    There’s got to be an easier way…

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