How to book LRC resources – explained in one screenshot

You can come to the LRC reception desk to book an item  (you will still need to log into your NINERMAIL). But you can also self-help, and get immediate confirmation, from any device with access to your NINERMAIL:

If you have a basic LRC classroom booking scenario, send to the room what looks like “an email that includes times”: Go to your Ninermail inbox.  Using the little triangle icon,  unfold the “New” menu.  Click menu item “Meeting request”.  In the window, that opens, in the “Resources:” field, put  In the “Subject:”, put your course number. Enter start and end times of your classes visit.  In the upper left, Click “Send”.  Within a few seconds  you receive a response email from the room in OWA: If you did not check the “Scheduling Assistant” tab, you may be asked to reschedule because of a conflict. If you fail to get a response,  something went wrong, did you mistype the address? OWA remembers and suggests it after first use, but the first time you need to get it right.

For more advanced scenarios (beyond #3 below), first find the email address of our bookable resources, then book it like so:


More on repeating/recurrence here.

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