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Have I reserved the LRC? 10 safety nets for you, plus a bonus

    1. No need to use them all: The first one you notice suffices. But we hope 1 of the 10 will work for you. Starting (that is why it is in explained in How to book LRC resources – explained in one screenshot: “Book me!”versus “Leave me alone!”) with the tab: scheduling assistant” in your “meeting requestitself before you try to book the room: It tells you when the room is free (white or blank along the timeline). Don’t try to book the room when the room’s timeline is not blank and the hovering tool tip tells you “Busy”: It is futile. scheduling-assistant busy
    2. But if you do, there will be more alerts: Immediately after you send the meeting request, a so-called “toast” (think of a slice of bread jumping out of a toaster – depending on email client you are using for NINERMAIL in the lower or upper right of the screen) flashes briefly with the automatic response from the room attendant. The response has in the subject : “Accepted or Denied” (you will not get “Tentative” from the room like in the example – UPDATE: only faculty and staff used to receive such toasts, but with the next upgrade of NINERMAIL, students will also!):room attentendant response as toast
    3. Never mind if you miss the toast: it just notified you that the automatic response from the room attendant went into your inbox. You can see it on top there (here I unfolded it). image It tells you in the subject and in bold in the body whether your booking was accepted or denied. If you have questions about these messages, you can forward them with your comment like any other email (no point in responding though).room attendant auto response declined  This does NOT remove the appointment from your own NINERRMAIL calendar (makes sense if you think about it: You still have your appointment (exam etc.), just the room can not be part of it).
    4. If you miss that also, go to the LRC homepage and click on “Hours&Events” under the Quick links in the upper left (How to view ?) imageimage
    5. You do not even need to visit the LRC home page: you have privileged access to the the LRC hours end events calendar  from your NINERMAIL, if you subscribe to it there (shortcut: start @ #3 armed with this link:
    6. You can do all this under guidance at the LRC reception desk: We try to have 1-3 name-tagged student assistants there at all times during LRC opening hours, 8 eyes see more than 2.
    7. One day after your booking, you will also be able to see your reservation (if successful!) on the lrc-coed433-reception-client-welcome-screen: .
    8. If in doubt, do all this well before your class takes place.
    9. Take a training: ITS supports NINERMAIL and CTL teaches Taming your inbox.
    10. Bonus: In the unfortunate event of  a “Denied” response to your booking request, if it is not just an AM/PM error or similar which you can easily correct, the response includes information on the prior reservation, organizer, and email address.
      1. Why not email  the colleague (click on the underlined name of the colleague that booked the LRC before you) from right here and see whether you both can rearrange? Remember: Sharing is caring. room attendant response denied prior booking
      2. There is a departmental initiative to  reschedule entire classes that might conflict over the use of the LRC. Talk to the departmental office well before the the prior term ends (i.e. before next term’s class schedules are finalized).
      3. Still confused? At this point, talk to LRC permanent staff who will go through above list with you. Please understand that the LRC staff cannot cancel other faculty’s bookings, we only extended the availability and bookability of the LRC which is readily available and easily bookable at many times during each term.

OWA Calendar collaboration is spreading on campus…

… in Spring 2013 to Student Advising and Central Tutoring, from the LRC tutoring, staffing and room and equipment booking since Fall 2011. Glad to see that we get more benefit out of this new tool. 20130220_171700

Copy/paste meetings with resource mailboxes in Outlook on MS-Exchange 2010?

For schedules too complex to be managed in the repeating dialogue, why can I, in Outlook calendar,  copy/paste meeting requests that include rooms into a new time slot, but while the new meeting appears immediately in my calendar, no update gets sent to the room unless I open the new meeting and click the button: “send” manually:


How to extend your LRC class booking to the entire term by adding weekly recurrence

2013/01/09 1 comment
  1. The single screenshot booking FAQ mentions recurrence briefly. If you failed to add recurrence when you booked the LRC for your class, you can likely still add it:
  2. Go to your NINERMAIL calendar, open your “meeting”, like so: adding-recurrence1
    1. if the (1) recurrence indicator is missing or if, when browsing your NINERMAIL calendar for the term, your class booking shows up not every week, only during the first?
    2. Then (2) open your class booking by double-clicking on it.
  3. In the window of your class booking, do these steps (use your own class times, not the ones in the example)
    1. note how the (1) tooltip for the “repetition” dialogue says “repeat”;
    2. classes meet (2) “weekly”, but more complex schedules can also be set up (“repeat every x week”)
    3. don’t forget to (4) “end by” the last day of classes.
  4. adding-recurrence
  5. You will receive an immediate response from the LRC classroom in your NINERMAIL inbox. Check it for and report any problems that you cannot resolve to the LRC reception desk.adding-recurrence2

Protected: Why does the autoaccept-agent not send messages from on-premise equipment mailboxes to students in the Office365/live@edu cloud?

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Film equipment booking FAQ

  1. Do not send the meeting request to or some other person you know in the LRC, but rather send to the equipment email as listed here. Your meeting request will reach this equipment item’s “Resource Attendant who manages the item.
  2. Do not attempt to book equipment items that are “blocked” on the Scheduling Assistant  tab of your meeting request. The Attendant currently mails acceptance responses only to permanent staff, not to students (check for booking success instead using the calendars shared with you in your NINERMAIL), but still has her Scheduling Assistant update the equipment’s publically visible calendar with the booking (tentatively for students). You may have figured by now that TBA:the Resource Attendant and her Scheduling Assistant are actually robots, “Do more with less” and all.
  3. Do not write in the notes field “I would like a Boom Pole as well” or similar.  Nobody but robots is supposed to look at your message, and Robots cannot process this note, and they do not need to: Just add all equipment items,that you plan to check out and back in at the same time, as additional recipients in the “Resources” textboxas listed here, so that the Resource Attendant and her Scheduling Assistant can manage the sharing of the items.
  4. Do not load only a single equipment piece – you would be playing a time-consuming lottery with the availability of this item. Rather, load all equivalent equipment pieces in the “Resources” field (see explanation on list of bookable items ) that you could use. E.g. if you need a Vixia camera with a heavy tripod and a microphone, load (-> list of bookable items ) LRC Camera 11-14 and all LRC Tripods 01-04. Then compare availability lines in the scheduling assistant for these items: You will find more easily one Vixia camera and one heavy tripod that fits well into your schedule. Just remember to remove the other equivalent items that do not fit as well into your schedule, before sending the meeting request.
  5. New memory options from Summer 2013:
    1. Cameras do not include sd-cards anymore. If you need an LRC sd-card, you have to check  it out (and back in) separately, by adding  to the “resources:” LRCsd-card##
    2. Have no way of getting your footage off the camera when returning equipment. Don’t hog the equipment. You can now store your footage temporarily on an LRCthumbdrive##.

Protected: Why we need autoaccept messages from on-premise equipment mailboxes to students in the Office365/live@edu cloud

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