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Cancelling a meeting request in Outlook 2007

  1. Do not merely delete the meeting from your calendar;
  2. rather: open it and use the button: cancel meeting, like so: image

LRC Outlook/Exchange 2010 Resource Calendaring: How to cancel meetings in OWA

2011/08/30 4 comments
    1. View instead a short screencast how to cancel meeting requests in OWA.
    2. Or: You start out with a meeting request conversation like this, showing:
      1. a request send from account LRC help (example)
      2. an accepted meeting response  from the resource (e.g. the room) account
    3. owa-cancel-sent-items-meeeting-request-icon-vs-mail-icon
    4. to cancel that meeting, you can go to your (!) calendar in OWA,
      1. select (click on) the meeting and choose “delete
        1. either  from the context menu after right-click the meeting
          1. or  from the ribbon after selecting the meeting
        2. if the meeting was repeating/recurring, you will be given the option to
            1. cancel this occurrence
            2. cancel all future occurrences
            3. cancel all occurrences (be CAREFUL not to delete past meetings that have taken place; cancel all future meetings in a series by updating the meeting series end time (leaves past meetings of the series intact))owa-cancel-calendar-meeting-delete-series
    5. you can also just open the meeting and choose from the top menu the “Cancel meeting” button, then press menu button: “Send update”:
      1. owa-cancel-calendar-meeting-occurance-open-ribbon-cancel
        1. Again, for recurring/repeating meetings, you will be asked to confirm what exactly you want to cancel, the individual occurrence or the entire series of meetingsowa-cancel-calendar-meeting-occurance-open-ribbon-cancel-dialog
      2. You have the opportunity to include an informative note in your update before sending.
      3. owa-cancel-calendar-meeting-occurance-open-ribbon-cancel2
    6. After the cancellation has gone through, this is how the results will look like in the e-paper trail:
      1. “sent items” owa-cancel-sent-items-meeeting-request-icon-vs-mail-icon
      2. a cancelled meeting conversation in your “inbox” in “conversation view”: owa-cancel-conversation-views-meeting-request-icons-accepted-declined-canceled-icon
      3. Here is a complete icon legend: 
      4. owa-cancel-conversation-views-meeting-request-icons-accepted-declined-canceled-icon-marked