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Redeemed my SkyDrive Enthusiast Bonus



Nice, and just in time as I am running out of free space for photos. Guess I would not have qualified in the first place if I did not post such stuff  here.

BTW, MS: I am also an Azure EnthusiastSmile

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Hotspot Göllheim, Germany

Highest temperatures in Germany today – and highest this year – over 39 centigrade. That seems to have hit a little bit too close to home. One of the heat waves in the naughties is said to have led to 10000s of premature deaths of the elderly a little bit further to the west, in France…image

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Check out this web page…

Ds sitze ich um Mitternacht in einem gottverlassenen campsite im 3400ft hohen nirgendwo neben dem blue ridge parkway und lese matte glossen über germanisten auf meinem hp touchpad über verizon, and cannot help but thinking that these are two great engineering companies. Here’s a website I think you’ll like: Martenstein: “Der sibirische Tiger ist weniger bedroht als das Komma” | Gesellschaft | ZEIT ONLINE

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Students of the Oaklawn Language Academy visited the LRC …

… and sent us a thick envelope chock-full of these very sweet handwritten thank-you notes.

I have twin nieces their age, so I know that it can take a bit to get them to write these notes (I am looking at you, Miss M…! Smile).

The little man on the screen they mention, that can talk in tongues is the Microsoft-Deskbot, and the headphones they mention were connected to a Sanako Study 1200 digital audio lab.

I hope we can upgrade all this to Windows 7 this summer, and that the Language Academy will be back next spring to admire it all…

SkyDrive Command line interface?

Update: SkyDrive batching very near now… 

Good one, but I am not getting the joke: We do need batching…? Sad smile Here’s hoping for Windows 8 SkyDrive integration. Smile


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Making Page 1 on Google when searching for “Exchange Resource Mailboxes”?!

2012/01/12 1 comment
  1. Even in “private browsing”?
  2. plagwitz-google-exchange-resource-mailboxes-page1
  3. How? Don’t ask. Smile
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Plagwitz– eLearning Workshops delivered

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