How to configure a re-imaged (syspreped) Sanako Lab 300

1.    On each of the 30 student computers in the main lab MH441, log in as user “llc-staff”.

2.    In the Windows taskbar, click “start”, “run”, type: “c:\Program Files\Sanako\Lab\Lab300\duo\config.exe”, click “OK”.

3.    In the “Media Assistant Duo” window that opens, change the field “Workstation number” to the last (one or two: omit leading zeros) digit(s) of the white label at the edge of the monitor that you are working at:


5.    Click button “Finish”, then restart the computer.

Bonus hint:

If your lab goes down again in the middle of the term, check whether your IT department has set up new computers on the sub-network whose network names conflict with the Crossroad naming scheme of the Sanako Lab 300, as seen in the above dialogue and set in the Lab 300 crossroad settings dialogue. 

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