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Language Lab Techniques for Producing Audio Learning Materials

If you have a digital audio lab, beginning and intermediate SLA classes can benefit from you creating audio learning materials of type model/imitation or question/response:

Your students will speak more and can get more (automated and immediate) feedback for comparison. Instructors will evaluate and grade faster.

While students will likely use the audio recorder which comes with your digital audio lab, for both creating and evaluating learning materials, I recommend the free audio editor Audacity.

Also download the lame mp3 encoder and point audacity to it when your first export to MP3 from the file-menu.

Here are 2 screencasts to get you started :

  1. a basic recording and editing introduction (audacity_introduction.wmv) as well as
  2. a typical post-production task to  ready the recording for use in the audio lab (audacity_inserting_gaps_notifications4students.wmv).

Also see this post about evaluating student output with audacity.

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