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How to work with screenshots in Windows XP or MAC OS X

On your keyboard, press  key “Print Screen” to put a picture of the entire screen into the clipboard (for the active window, hold the ALT-key while pressing “Print Screen”).

You can paste this clipboard in any windows application, for example MS-Word or MS-Paint.

In order to use the built-in windows picture editor, click “Start”, click “Run”, type “mspaint” (w/o inverted commas).

In ms-paint, you can edit the picture, using a variety of tools in a menu on the left.

E.g. click on the eraser button to activate this tool, then use the mouse pointer to erase sensitive parts of the picture.

Or select the selection tool and with the mouse pointer, draw a selection frame inside the picture. Then you cut the selection to the clipboard and paste it to a new picture.

Finally, save the result (normally as JPEG, since this results in much smaller file size).

Here is a screencast that shows the entire screenshot cycle.

Using a MAC?



Capture entire screen and copy to the clipboard


Capture a window and copy to the clipboard

Command+Control+Shift+4 then Space bar, click on the target

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