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Setting time zone for all and for all misconfigured OWA users

live@edu/Office365 Exchange in the cloud does not seem to allow setting a default time zone, but rather leaves it to the user to change the time zone (defaulting to the time zone the cloud server is in that the user happens to hit) on first login – in the world I operate in, большая ошибка!

How to use the cmdlet set-MailboxRegionalConfiguration with parameter TimeZone to change the time zone of all your mailboxes is nicely explained on the blog How Exchange Works here, including screenshot and PowerShell command.

Unfortunately such an operation is reported to have needed 3 days for updating all mailboxes in an educational live@edu installation with 30000 users… You can restrict the mailboxes touched by examining first which are not in your local time zone (consult the MS TimeZone table for syntax, e.g. US “Eastern Standard Time”):


$mymailboxes = get-mailbox

ForEach ($examinedmailbox in $mymailboxes){

$regionalconfig = get-MailboxRegionalConfiguration –identity $examinedmailbox.identity


if ($regionalconfig.timezone -ne “Eastern Standard Time”){                      

Set-MailboxRegionalConfiguration -identity $examinedmailbox.identity -TimeZone  “Eastern Standard Time”  -confirm:$false



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