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Shared Calendar for Interpreting Suite Bookings on Windows Live: How to get started

1.    We have set up a *shared online calendar*:


3.    Where do I find this calendar?

a.    It is on Windows Live.

b.    hale.language.services@live.co.uk will email you an invitation to share this calendar on line.

4.    What do I do when I receive the email?

a.    In the email, click ‘accept’.

                                                 i.      If the link does not work, copy /paste the text link from the bottom of the email, but first remove line breaks (paste the link into notepad and make sure that the entire link is on single line).

b.    If you do not have a Windows Live account, you will be given the option to sign up‘.

                                                 i.      If you are not asked to sign up, you may be logged in as somebody else: make sure to create your own account with your own password.

c.     For best results, open the calendar with a recent Web browser: Firefox 3 or Internet Explorer 7  (if you cannot upgrade, version 6 works also, with some limitations) or better.

5.    MGB36 is the coded room number for the interpreting suite. It is also the name of the online calendar.

6.    What do I do next?

a.    Simply add an appointment to the calendar by hovering over the time slot required and clicking on “ADD

                                                 i.      Under “Calendar”, select “MGB36” (if you add to your personal Calendar, other users won’t be able to see).

                                              ii.      Under “what”, include your e mail address so we can contact you in case of changes, as well as Module number

                                            iii.      Under “where” include if you do not need all booths (others may want to share)

                                            iv.      for additional options, like recurrence (= enter 1 appointment – recurring weekly, until end of it…, no wait: teaching period! – to book your weekly class meeting for the entire teaching period), click on “Add more details”.

b.    Don’t forget to update the calendar if you need to cancel a booking.

c.     If you want to see a demonstration, watch the live_calendar_shared_mgb36.wmv using Windows media player

7.    Who can view the information on line?

a.    Interpreting lecturers only.

b.    Students can currently not access the data. We may decide later to let them view it (i.e. make the calendar public).

Did you run into problems with the calendar not explained here? View the FAQ.


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