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How to map your MS-Windows Live Skydrive/Office online storage as a network share to work natively with cloud storage

This allows you access cloud storage files  (Note: works only for MS-Office files) as easily as within MS-Windows, and without having to deal with web browser incompatibilities.


  1. If you know the URL of your MS-Office online Skydrive (how?),
  2. in Windows 7, go to Network / Map network drive:
  3. map network drive
  4. Enter the URL that SkyDrive gives you, make sure to change “https:”to “http:”, select a drive letter:
  5. map network drive-http1
  6. And voilà: An MS-Skydrive WebDAV location as a drive in your Windows Explorer:
  7. mapped-skydrive


  1. if you have try this over the (restrictive) university wireless, you seem to get errors (“The file cannot be accessed by the system”):
  2. skydrive-mapping-wireless-error1
  3. Interestingly after  successfully receiving the authentication challenge from the resource
  4. If you have successfully mapped the drive over the non-wireless and then try to access it over the wireless, you may  get this (0x80070035: ”The network path was not found”):
  5. skydrive-mapping-wireless-error

Windows Live Photos: How to Download Album

Do your photos not display thumbnails or go missing in slideshow view? Just download them and view them offline, from here:

Windows Live FAQ

Q: How do I get a Windows Live ID?
A: Click to go to the Windows Live Services website. If necessary, you will be asked to  sign up (at or sign in (at

A team calendar for work groups on Windows Live

I have been asked whether we can have a workgroup calendar to coordinate who is on campus when.

We can use the hale-interpreting ( and hale-translation groups in Windows Live for this (

Remember: Members only! You need to be a member of these groups to have access to their calendars. If you have not accepted my invitation email from a long time ago, you are not a member – and there is no point in digging that email out now, since it will have expired. However, you can go to either of the group’s home pages linked above and ask for being added. Then wait for the confirmation email response.

If you go to your calendar home page (, all events from all “calendars” that you have access to (in the time span which you chose as your default – I use week view) display be default in one and the same “calendar”.

A bit of terminology: Lemma “calendar”, meaning: (1) a web page which looks like a paper calendar. (2) a series of related events (E.g. the MGB-36 events belong in one such “calendar” (2) as they all take place in this room).

Windows Live puts/displays all “calendars” (2) you have access to in one “calendar” (1), and differentiates the “calendars” (2) by giving each “calendar” (2) a distinct colour within “calendar” (1). The colours displayed in the picture below may be different for you – you can choose you own colour scheme from the calendar options –, but you, too, will have different colours per calendar.

You will note that the Monday “Exam” above should be in the (red) MGB-36 calendar, not in the (light blue) interpreting group calendar. That is something you will have to pay attention to when you add an event, now that you have more than one ”calendar” (2) at your disposal (actually, you always had, and the most common initial error was users putting events in their personal ”calendar” (2) (coloured green above), with the result that nobody else but them could see those events).

You can set which “calendar” (2) to add an event to in the dropdown box labelled “Calendar” (framed red below, meaning “Which one?”). Also note the “All day [event]” option which should prove especially useful for a work group leave calendar (If you find a multi-day span option, let me know).


And here is the result, viewable for all users that have access to the hale-interpreting group calendar:

If colouring is not clear enough, filter the calendar (1) for specific “calendars”(2) = display only events from selected “calendars”(2). To do that, in the left menu, uncheck the box next to the calendar to hide all events from this calendar. Result if you view only the interpreting group calendar:

The natural next step is to have better collaboration even when not all workgroup members are in the same location, using instant messaging, including what is called presence. Windows Messenger 4.7 is already installed and ready on our computers (NOT if you have not abandoned Windows 2000 yet – do it now!). Just follow the quick start under my portrait picture at the right of my spaces home page . If you use your Windows Live login, a few things things should just fall into place. If you also want group messaging (multipoint), have the newer Windows Live Messenger installed.

Shared Calendar for Interpreting Suite Bookings on Windows Live: How to get started

1.    We have set up a *shared online calendar*:


3.    Where do I find this calendar?

a.    It is on Windows Live.

b. will email you an invitation to share this calendar on line.

4.    What do I do when I receive the email?

a.    In the email, click ‘accept’.

                                                 i.      If the link does not work, copy /paste the text link from the bottom of the email, but first remove line breaks (paste the link into notepad and make sure that the entire link is on single line).

b.    If you do not have a Windows Live account, you will be given the option to sign up‘.

                                                 i.      If you are not asked to sign up, you may be logged in as somebody else: make sure to create your own account with your own password.

c.     For best results, open the calendar with a recent Web browser: Firefox 3 or Internet Explorer 7  (if you cannot upgrade, version 6 works also, with some limitations) or better.

5.    MGB36 is the coded room number for the interpreting suite. It is also the name of the online calendar.

6.    What do I do next?

a.    Simply add an appointment to the calendar by hovering over the time slot required and clicking on “ADD

                                                 i.      Under “Calendar”, select “MGB36” (if you add to your personal Calendar, other users won’t be able to see).

                                              ii.      Under “what”, include your e mail address so we can contact you in case of changes, as well as Module number

                                            iii.      Under “where” include if you do not need all booths (others may want to share)

                                            iv.      for additional options, like recurrence (= enter 1 appointment – recurring weekly, until end of it…, no wait: teaching period! – to book your weekly class meeting for the entire teaching period), click on “Add more details”.

b.    Don’t forget to update the calendar if you need to cancel a booking.

c.     If you want to see a demonstration, watch the live_calendar_shared_mgb36.wmv using Windows media player

7.    Who can view the information on line?

a.    Interpreting lecturers only.

b.    Students can currently not access the data. We may decide later to let them view it (i.e. make the calendar public).

Did you run into problems with the calendar not explained here? View the FAQ.


Shared Calendar for Interpreting Suite Bookings on Windows Live: Frequently asked questions

  1. Problem: How do I return to “Windows live”?
    1. Solution: AFTER you followed the “accept” button in the invitation e
      mail, you can return to the calendar by simply going to Or for easy access to other windows live services like groups, go through and the top menu “more”/ “calendar”.
  2. Problem: I seem to have lost access to the calendar?
    1. Solution: if you go to, make sure you are logged in with the windows live account that you gave us for calendar access (if you are logged in under a different name, log out from that account first) . Then go to you should have access now.
  3. Problem: My calendar time seems off?
    1. Solution: adjust your time zone: after going to, in the upper right hand side, click on options / more options / time zone: change this to “Greenwich mean time [….] LONDON” (do NOT choose GMT UNIVERSAL time”, this has no daylight savings time adjustment!). Then click “save”at the bottom Please let me know of any other issues (please provide OS and browser version and error message).
  4. Problem: Other users cannot see my calendar appointments.
    1. Solution: Make sure you added them to the right calendar, called “MGB-36” (an option when you add an appointment). There are now several calendars for other purposes, but booking of the suite is done in “MGB-36”. You can see something went wrong if your appointment stands out in a different colour (see legend), like here:
  5. Problem: I would like to book some space (booths) in the suite, but the entire suite seems already booked – what should I do?
    1. Solution: The original calendar instructions mentioned to start a booking with your email address under “what” and qualify under “where” if you require only parts of the interpreting suite for your class. If only the latter has been omitted, you can still email the colleague to inquire. If the former has been omitted also, we will have to try tracking down which the information which will take time.
  6. Problem: There is a (recurring) event which I can not delete (I get the error: “there’s a problem connecting to windows live calendar”).
    1. Solution: The error message is misleading. This seems a bug in the software. You can try to work around it like this

      : Move one occurrence of the event (drag it with your mouse to a different time). This breaks the recurrence. Now left-click on the moved event to edit it. From the popup, choose to “Edit every occurrence” instead of “Edit this one occurrence”. This should get you to the “Event details” page, where you can delete the entire event from the top menu.

Staying up-to-date: My home tabs in Internet Explorer 7

By aggregating relevant information, Internet-Explorer-7 Home-page-tabs help me stay up to date in my work areas.

It automatically loads my Windows-live home-page (seems more of a dashboard than merely subscribing to the RSS in my feed reader) as well as the Windows-live groups and resource scheduling calendar which I created for my work departments.

I am still exploring how to best manage my public and private personae, assuming that “filtering is your friend”, and everybody else’s at work.

How to Join one of our Windows Live Groups at London Metropolitan

Go the group’s web address (not from your londonmet email client’s browser) and click “Sign in”.

If you have a windows live account (hotmail or msn qualify),  click “sign in”, otherwise click “sign up”.

Go through an account creation process (you only have to do this once):

Afterwards, you will be automatically signed in (you may have to answer an email first at the  address you have given during sign-up) and redirected to the invitation page for the group, click on  “Ask to join”.

Now you are done:

Don’t forget to write down your user name and password.