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Use Getty Images’ free embed tool for culturally authentic imagery?

  1. Getty Images is trying a new approach for making some money of its widely pirated imagery online: a  tool you can use to embed images from their database on your website
  2. Pros:
    1. Copyright permissible!
    2. Preserves through link to Getty Images full background metadata of image.
    3. Relatively sophisticated image database browsing tool – might be useful less for teachers directly, but for web quests that send students to learn by exploration.image
    4. Cons:
      1. With the image embedder, you are enabling advertisements and user tracking  on your page. Study the licensing agreements.
      2. Seems to me that Google Images’ scope and convenience will be impossible to beat.

Google new maps’ photo tour slideshow viewer


<Grumble> If these internet companies invent anything else, I won’t get out much anymore.</Grumble> (I have always loved “travelling on a map” too much alreadySmile).

This is not your grandparents’ photos feature in Google maps anymore. The new photo tour automatically (I must assume? Based on GIS data included in the photo, image recognition to cluster motifs?) intelligently tags the map includes highlights of well-known sights, and it seems to automatically group similar shots/motifs, providing the feel of an in-depth exploration, even presence. And the occasional grandparents in the foreground remind us, that this remains a crowd-sourced project… Smile

Now how to plan a better intercultural map exploration class with this…

Using geolocation information in photos for documentation?

  1. During documentation writing today, I noticed that my WlGallery suddenly (?) started displaying the geotags in pictures taken with my Palm Pixi which I set a long time ago to store (and share) location information. I t looks like this has started working  earlier, but gone unnoticed. pixi-wlgallery-geotag I also looks like it uses cell tower triangulation, not GPS data (when the latter is not available?): pixi-wlgallery-geotag2 At such a granularity, this feature can not be useful for generating documentation. But maybe for excursions?
  2. But seems still a bit iffy, on the Pixi side of things: I am pretty sure that previously, I could not see geotags in my photos, even though I tried several image metadata viewers. Also, the Pixi does not always add geotags: is this limited to pictures taken when there are network connectivity issues?
  3. Also seems like editing operations in wlgallery, including create panorama, “eat” the geotags in the output image….

Windows Live Photos: How to Download Album

Do your photos not display thumbnails or go missing in slideshow view? Just download them and view them offline, from here: