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Internet Explorer add-ons to disable

  1. Problem: we need Realplayer for some legacy media, but Realdownloader is an  unwanted feature.
    1. “download this video” tooltip distracts
    2. slows down internet explorer startupaddins-disable real
  2. Workaround
    1. Sprocket/Manage Add-ons / Disable for Realnetworks looks like a good idea – may have to be done for all browser
    2. appwiz.cpl indicates a separate uninstall does not seem possibleappwiz-realnetworks
    3. it may be possible to configure  realdownloader separately (possibly using msconfig or registry) start-realnetworks):

What to do if university websites seem to be not working, nothing happens when you click?

  1. Try and get the popup blocker on your office or lab PC fixed here (if you are on Windows 7 here, you need to use the 64-bit version): choose "Run" – preferable to “Download” and "Open".
  2. Then use Internet Explorer to try again what you were trying to do on one of our websites.
  3. Background:
    1. My users have been reporting for a while problems getting simple things done on campus websites.  Last week I observed a few in their office and in the LRC being stalled by mis- or non-configured popup blocker, and not noticing the cause, being flummoxed.
    2. The above little program configures the built-in internet explorer popup blocker to allow popups from websites that are part of our infrastructure.
    3. It does not attempt to configure other popup blockers, whether inside or outside of this web browser.
    4. The end user  could also try
      1. (holding the key:) CTRL-click on the link where your web browsing fails.
      2. Or configure the popup blocker manually.
    5. However, it would likely be best if this were done via GPO

A search interface to the EuroParl corpus


(Note the on my IE9, the text in the right column appears “blacked-out” – Select it to view, or use a different webbrowser).

How we improve client service through changes to the reception desk computer image

  1. These browser windows will now load automatically when student staff logs into the reception desk computers:
    1. Safari: In the entrance area, we display the live calendar of LRC events and services, containing the schedule of events (classes and other room and computer bookings from our bookable resources): uncc-lrc-calendar-reception1
    2. Internet explorer
      1. is used by clients exclusively
      2. displays only the 49erexpress login screen in full screen
      3. clients do not close, but only log off
      4. dependent application windows can be opened from there
        1. Moodle 
        2. Ninermail
    3. Firefox
      1. is used by LRC Assistants exclusively
      2. better overview thanks to fewer duplicate tabs
      3. immediate access to online spreadsheets
        1. bookable LRC resources
        2. film collection
        3. Moodle teaching resources
      4. LRC homepage, displayed for walk-in clients in the entrance area: lrc-coed433-reception-client-welcome-screen

How to disable or rather bypass the Popup Blocker in your Web browser

Try pressing the CTRL-key when clicking a link that tries to open a popup window.

This is a known problem with web-based learning applications like Moodle or library ereserves (like UNCCC’s Docutek ERes-based one) .

You can permanently disable popup blockers for certain sites if you study the documentation that comes with your browser (and possibly with the shared computer) you are working on.

Quia Audio Files in Internet Explorer contains “Play audio” links to mp3 audio.

You may experience this, when you first try to access the audio with Internet Explorer.

If you cannot read the instruction in the information bar, resize the window so that you can, like here:

After clicking “trust Microsoft” and  “Run ActiveX” in the following dialog, the “Internet Explorer cannot display this webpage” may appear. Ignore this, close the window and reopen it by clicking again on the “Play” link  in the parent window.

This time you will (hopefully) see this:

You need to do this only once  – per PC? per user? Let me know in the comments.

Staying up-to-date: My home tabs in Internet Explorer 7

By aggregating relevant information, Internet-Explorer-7 Home-page-tabs help me stay up to date in my work areas.

It automatically loads my Windows-live home-page (seems more of a dashboard than merely subscribing to the RSS in my feed reader) as well as the Windows-live groups and resource scheduling calendar which I created for my work departments.

I am still exploring how to best manage my public and private personae, assuming that “filtering is your friend”, and everybody else’s at work.