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Digitization of the SAVILLE analogue Conference interpreting recording facility: Booths. Technical instructions


The original SAVILLE setup to add (floor and booth) video and enable recording in the DIS 6000 conference interpreting facility. The cabling, switching and interfacing can all be used unchanged, and the VHS recorders should indeed be used as backup. OTOH, once you feel confident about digital recording, you can  fade out the VHS recorders (or replace them by yet another output device).

Digital video capture card – the cheapest I could find was this and it tested to work (including lip synching),

Miscellaneous AV splitters and cables.

Windows Media Encoder 9 and the Windows Media Encoder SDK, both available from Microsoft and installed by campus ICT support.

Windows Media Encoder Configuration Files trprecord_a.wme and trprecord_av.wme in \\stushare_server\StuShare\Humanities, Arts and Languages\Language_Services\configuration

AutoIt3, a scripting language used on campus for computer deployment.  The compiled executable I provide has no prerequisites on our MS-Windows installation. If you want to make changes in the au3 script, you will need the free AutoIt3 language and development environment.

The script relies on impersonation to access the network shares. If the user/password this impersonation is based on changes, you can still work with the recordings on the local PC. To restore the network archiving/sharing functionality, you have to run trpPwdEncrypt.exe (a slight adaptation from the AutoIT3 help file example) and follow the included instructions:

Then recompile the script trprecord.au3 (both files are stored on the instructors-only share) and put the resulting trprecord.exe on the student-accessible share.


  1. Check the AV cables and connectors.
  2. Check the screenshots and their filenames which the software produces for logging in the local temp directory (note that this directory gets purged on restart).
  3. If you make changes in the environment, do not fail to also change the corresponding configuration strings at the top of trprecord.au3,  then recompile.
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