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Installing dkPro in 2014…

  • … proved easier than 2012  (thanks, Richard Smile), but still not for the faint of heart…
  • I got it to work maven-download-sources, despite an update release of ver 1.6 – once again like in 2012 – in the middle of my installation travails.
  • Read all about those in here.

How to install the LangLabEmailer

  1. After clicking the button:install,
  2. On IE9 and up (on Windows 7 and reportedly even more so on Windows 8), you may have to bypass Smartscreenfilter warnings like so: 
      1. (True, I do not intend to quit my day job, but maybe you know me from, at least from this blog I hope Smile,so:) click on “Actions”: clip_image001
      2. Click on “more options”: clip_image002
      3. Then click on: ”run anyway”: clip_image003
  3. Then follow the prompts like so:
  4. clip_image001
  5. clip_image002
  6. clip_image003
  7. clip_image004

“Clickonce” to download Langlabemailer (BETA)

After receiving the response to your request for a download link, click the link in the response to go the download page, and on that page click the button: “Install”.langlabemailer-clickonce

Next:Install. Or Langlabemailer (table of contents).

Classroom management system: Netop School Software Install, Configuration and Test

  1. Uninstall the test install  of Netop first from “Add/Remove Programs”
  2. netopschool-add-remove-programs
  3. The install should be made under the account that will before imaging copied into the Default User Profile.
  4. The install files are here (you need to be logged into, as well as for the videos).
  5. Both the teacher and the student software are recommended to be installed on the teacher computer.
  6. The basic settings for teacher:
  7. lrc-class: The name of the class that the Student module should join.
    YES:Whether the Teacher module should use the Windows login name of the Student computer as student primary display name.
    [see lrchelp mail account] =Protection password
    NO:Whether the communication profile should be changed to something other than the default TCP/IP, for example wireless.
  8. The basic settings for student install:
  9. YES:Whether the Student module should join a class automatically when started.
    lrc-class:The name of the class the Student module should join. Note: This class name must match the class name defined in the Teacher module.
    NO:Whether the communication profile should be changed to something other than the default TCP/IP, for example wireless
  10. There are more configuration choices in the screencasts here:
  11. Teacher software Install Screencast
  12. Student software Install Screencast
  13. Functionality Test Screencast: (testuser needs to be logged in on PC05. Skip the waiting section before the results come in at the end; this is when I took the test on the student computer).
  14. In addition, try to point the shared folder for teachers J:\LRC\Plagwitz (try alternatively  UNC: ). Try this first as labadmn (labadmn has no access to this share) and alternatively with your staff/teacher login (where Netop will likely accept it, but may not carry over from the labadmn into the Default User Profile).
  15. Try to add  a copy of the “Teacher” program from “Startup”/ “All programs” to All Users / Startup