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What a delegate in MS-Outlook/MS-Exchange is and does

  1. Definitions:
    1. I would say: S/he can act on your behalf, while you keep in the loop and others see who s/he is acting on behalf of which disintermediates (e.g. saves tags like “This message is sent on behalf of [you]”: The message will appear to originate from you, as it ought to – imagine e.g. that users want to search their email for “from:[you]”).
    2. Looking for guidance, I find Cornell.edu has generally good instructions for their similar Outlook/Exchange environment, so I also quote them:
      1. Just as an assistant can help you manage your paper mail, your assistant can use Outlook to act on your behalf”.
      2. “If your manager has granted you delegate access, you have the ability to act "on behalf of" him or her. Depending on exactly how much access they’ve given you, you may be able to respond to meeting requests, send out meeting invitations, and handle their email messages.”
    3. Find more information on delegates here for the source.
  2. Sounds interesting? Next steps:
    1. How you can set up a delegate
    2. what does the delegate see/do
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