How teachers can record audio materials here

The purpose of doing a recording of learning materials for the SANAKO during a faculty workshop is merely to get you started. The use of the SANAKO is not limited to the LRC. After taking the workshop, you can:

  1. if needed,
    1. check out one of the LRC faculty headphones (we have now 5 for faculty use in our list of LRC resources),
    2. install the Sanako standalone recorder on your office or home PC,
  2. start the recorder and press the red record button,
  3. read your questions into the headset microphone, preferably after you have put them in the format of my exam template  (consider this sample exam recording a model),
  4.  use something like a bell, whistle (or simply clap your hands) to create audible cues for when you want to start/stop speaking cues
  5.  watch the timer on the Student Recorder to leave the same amount of response time for the students as you announced after the questions
  6. save the file to the proper location that I listed here: .

    That’s all. If you need a refresher, please come to one of my bi-weekly LRC “Sanako Clinics” that will appear in the LRC hours&events calendar.

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