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LRC Clinic on Video: In PowerPoint, embed from file or web

How to use language services digital videos

  • Language Services produced digital videos
    • Are MPEG4-compressed to a size and format and stored in a location to be the most versatile answer to your playing needs
      • Play over the  network shares not only in the interpreting suite (mgb-36) or the moorgate library language centre (mg4-11)
      • But from any computer on the campus network, student or staff computer
      • Provided access to network shares, see network shares.
    • attempt to ensure widest possible compatibility
      • by using widely-used audio and video codecs (Windows Media Video 9, Windows Media Audio3, Windows Media Video Screen , MP3) which MS also supports on the Mac-Platform (free download of wmv/wma support for the Mac OS X version 10.3.9 or later, QuickTime version 7.0 or later) from ).
      • Have been tested to work in the HALE interpreting suite (mgb-36) and the moorgate library language centre (mg4-11)
      • For playing videos on your PC, staff can get necessary upgrades from x4444.
      • For playing videos on your home PC, students can contact the student helpdesk.