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Implementing a Deepfreeze upgrade via Symantec-Ghost file operations instead of

•    To upgrade from novell to AD I need to implement a deepfreeze maintenance thaw window, to allow updating of the domain machine password on the normally frozen client.
•    If you have no other than built-in/FOSS means, you can probably achieve this with RunOnce, AutoAdminLogon, AutoAdminLogonCount, and reading out the client @computername DefaultDomainName with AutoIt. I rather try using Ghost:
•    Put files on headless to be able to ghostcast them without access to fileshares
•    ghosttask: df6 boot thawed (I need to unfreeze, w/o deepfreeze clients connected to deepfreeze server)
•    ghosttask: df6 uninstall:
o    ghostcast transfer deepfreeze 7 and 6 installer to c:\
o    C:\df6wks.exe /uninstall
o    Reboot
•    Ghosttask: df7 install
o    ghostcast transfer deepfreeze installer to c:\
o    C:\dfwks7726.exe /install\
o    reboot
o    Should be safe to have the installer lie around: While Deepfreeze 6 uninstall does not require a password, it will be history; also, to permanently uninstall, you first need to unfreeze, which requires a password
•    ghosttask: df7: boot thawed : Dfc.exe [installs into path] pwd /bootthawed
•    ghosttask: winsockreset
o    netsh winsock reset or cmd /c netsh winsock reset
•    ghosttask:
o    ghostcast transfer schliessnicht.exe into C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup to keep Sanako alive for oral exams (permanently, this should be enabled using this TBA:extension method to do advanced remote control of Sanako study1200 student clients; where is the delete option? can only think of overwriting with an empty file of the same file name) 
•    ghosttask: df7: boot frozen: Dfc.exe [installs into path] pwd /bootfrozen
•    as long as I do not make changes to the default user and to user settings (like what app rm is associated with), I do not need to reimage – BUT: to run acrobat, flash, windows updates, without reimaging, instead of task, I would need to automate gui interaction after autoadminlogon as labadmn, which means
o    ghosttask: ghostcast transfer 1 autoit that rewrites registry and reboots to autoadminlogon 
o    then startup autoit to automate gui interaction with nal?

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