LRC headset tests


  1. To improve LRC readiness – given that headsets are the most prominent component of the language center,  as well as a wear and tear part –,
  2. every Friday during the term (see column),
  3. a group of expert LRC assistants, armed with the above checklist on a clip board on the reception desk, 
  4. tests  each headset (see rows) in the LRC for functionality (play, record), using the procedure outlined in step-by-step instructions linked in the 2nd column from the left above
    1. for PCs and
    2. for iMacs respectively,
  5. and reports the test results on the clip board:
    1. upon success, puts tester’s initials,
    2. otherwise marks as “not ok”, e.g.
      1. “no plug”,
      2. ”no mic”, or “mic w/ static”
      3. “no sound”,
      4. etc.
  6. LRC assistants should, as pictured: headset-check
    1. from the clipboard,
    2. access the instructions
    3. follow the instructions
    4. record the results
    5. while working side-by-side to cut the load in half.
    6. In addition (not pictured), they can log in on multiple computers and start working on the first pair while the last pair stills starts up.
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