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How LRC assistants help maintain the film collection

  1. You may find your self confronted with a box like this (at any given time): image
  2. Has the movie already received one of our 4-digit labels?
    1. yes
      1. check it into the LRC Film collection spreadsheet
    2. no =  Cataloguing new movies
      1. can you find the title of the movie in the LRC Film collection spreadsheet,
        1. yes: then find the label this movie has to be assigned
        2. no: take whatever label you need from the pre-printed sheets (coed436) and attach it to the new unlabeled movie box
  3. put the movie, now labeled, on the stacks in proper sort order
  4. movie reserve shelf: consolidate it with the film collection (weekly)
  5. movie stacks: consolidate it with the film collection (monthly)

Video Library: Scheduling for Reserve Desk and Viewings

Lab staff instruction for editing the video-reserves spreadsheet H:\LLC\scheduling\video-reserves&mh441b-showing\video-reserves.xls:

  1. Lab supervisors build the spreadsheet for the reserve desk and viewing: video-reserves-reservedonthisday-unfold-schedule-viewing.wmv, video-reserves-viewing-selecting-timeslots&venues.wmv
  2. Lab assistants read the spreadsheet and handle the actual media (i.e. update the reserve desk and show the videos): video-reserves-reservedonthisday-filter-viewing-or-reserve.wmv