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My little Ode to Excel

Since about 2003, I have spent a good portion of my days analyzing data in Excel, and I enjoy it.

Specifically, I have written and administered many inventory databases: for software, various learning materials, media  products, content feeds, departmental equipment, work tickets, for user timesheets and user accounts and other user management tasks. I have of course also maintained budgets and various schedules applications in MS-Excel and technology projects.


I have also programmed learning and other LOB applications in MS-Excel: automated account creation from the university student database, subtitle exercise creation, vocabulary learning based on word frequency, collaborative learning material repository catalogue, automated video metadata reading and import or automated multimedia learning material cataloguing system in MS-Excel.


From work, I am proficient in using MS-Excel features array formulas for aggregating/summarizing numerical data, v-lookups, data visualization and chart plotting. I routinely write VBA macros, including my own worksheet formulas/functions to enforce complex data integrity requirements (ISBN13), created a VBA-driven automated backup solution for shared workbooks, and data-mine complex dependencies, including network graphs. Most recently, I have set up pivot tables against multi-million record election database for a large political organization in Philadelphia.


For many years, I have been subscribed to the lists and blogs  that are most popular in the MS-Excel user community. Finally, I also have experience in documenting of and training staff in MS-Excel, e.g. on sharing workbooks, and I blog MS-Excel how-to’s, e.g. on pivot-tables or scheduling.

Please also have a look at my Excel portfolio.

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