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Fun with Zotero inserting citations and bibliographies

  1. If you can install Zotero’s word processor add-ins (for LibreOffice Writer or MS-Word).:
      1. Here are the self-explanatory tool tips of the command buttons for the MS-Word add-in: zotero-ribbon-addins-command-buttons-tooltips
      2. Here is the add-in in action, inserting first one, than multiple citations, followed by generation of a bibliography:


  2. If you cannot, you can still use the “create bibliography from items” of Zotero (which itself can be run under portable  Firefox from a USB stick – no install needed at all). Here is a brief example and insert those into your writing; zotero-create-bibliography-from-item2clipboard2word

Fun with Zotero managing bibliographic references

  1. Curation: word-create-list-style-with-errors
  2. Deduplication: zotero-merge-duplicates

Fun with Zotero downloading instead of typing bibliographic information

  1. This ain’t your grand daddy’s citation manager anymore, restricted to the library IT infrastructure and the venerable Z39.50 protocol. Zotero can turn any online resource you browse into bibliographic information, saving you hours of distracting typing, for rather starting note taking immediately – also ideally done for later reuse in Zotero’s reference manager. zotero-collect-resources-from-web
  2. Better even if Zotero can manage also your PDF downloads, like in this example: zotero-save-collection-from-google-scholar-with-pdfs – including note-taking: Note that Zotero comes with a PDF markup extension.