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How to fix exception: Sanako Graph Data not installed

  1. Problem: When trying to administer an oral exam, using model imitation, source: file, I could not, but rather I got this error 20130703_141106
  2. Root: The same feature had worked in the morning – however, then the Sanakorecorder interfered with the Sanako tutor. Turned out that the Sanako tutor had been installed over a Sanako Student recorder which caused the tutor pc to connect to itself (distracting, also potentially a liability since it eats up licenses if not managed). In between morning and afternoon exam, the student recorder was uninstalled, but without the required functionality testing afterwards. So this exam had to become the test.
  3. Workaround: Reinstall the student recorder. We used the “test the  Sanako installer” program on my home page to not delay the exam too much. 20130703_142634
  4. Solution: do not install the Sanako tutor over a student installation in the first place.
    1. Either remove the Student recorder after imaging the teacher station with the student image,
    2. or better, image the PC without the added baseline task “Student recorder”.

How to fix Sync Error code: 0xE0000793 in Microsoft OneNote 2010

That did it:

1.Close all notebooks (will delete the corrupted cache)
2.Open them with the Office Web App using your browser
3.Open them from within the browser using "Open in OneNote" (the cache is rebuild)

Protected: Could the LRC provide free translation services to campus and community, and marketable translation experience to our students?

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