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Find open access research on teaching modern foreign languages with Yazik Open

An inititative of an expert from the UK LLASYazik Open has the potential to become a welcome addition to our SLA research search options, especially if you do not want to run into a pay wall after finding an interesting abstract.

The currently sole contributor seems to be admin – same problem I had when I started a language learning resource links database in 1998, when will this change?

The keyword list looks somewhat rudimentary – when I worked with LLAS on a language learning resource metadata schema, complexity led to a grinding halt.

So the need to bring some of the advances in technologically fostered collaboration and information exchange to domain-specific fields like SLA certainly remains to be felt here.

  1. 2012/03/30 at 16:47

    Hi Thomas
    Thanks for talking about YazikOpen so positively. Just to clarify I work for LLAS 4 days a week, but YazikOpen is run in my own time and not affiliated to LLAS in any way.
    Best wishes
    John Canning

    • 2012/03/30 at 18:02

      Hi John, I updated the post, sorry for being clearer in the first place. Good luck to this project, and greetings to the beautiful south coast of England. Thomas

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