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Positioning of Language Lab PCs needs improving

  1. Update: We worked around the issue with a male/female USB extension cord (black) to connect the Sanako USB connector (blue) into, this way, the whole setup can be aligned with the rear of the PC and won’t stick out and get in the way: image
  2. Problem: Rear connectors of computers get disconnected or even damaged. Input  (keyboard, mouse, microphone) and output devices (headset) get disconnected connected and therefore fails to work. Damaged equipment needs to be ordered and replaced, at considerable cost of time and money ($TBA per Sanako cable). It is too time-consuming to test equipment functionality (30 headsets and mice and keyboards) before each assessments and exam.
  3. Example of student in seat: CIMG0016
  4. We have observed these and similar damages regularly:
    1. CIMG0020
    2. CIMG0019
    3. Cause: Our language lab computer desks and rows are too narrow, for individual student sitting in front of the computer, not to mention classes moving in and out of their seats
    4. Other requirements:
      1. We need to have equipment plugged in the rear connectors of the computer and cable-tied to prevent students from trying to adjust or “fix” computers by re-plugging the equipment (often improperly, making them fail to work), and also because there is limited desk surface in front of the computers, given keyboard and mouse need to fit in front.
      2. For the functionality of the Sanako digital audio language lab system, we especially need to make sure,  that the headset is plugged in on the same USB port in all computers.
    5. Solutionsthat we have
      1. already tried
        1. we have tied down the connectors with cable ties, but this has not worked sufficiently.
      2. yet to try: is there a way
        1. to permanently attach computers in a different, safer position on the existing furniture?
        2. or to buy and install different furniture, computers seated under desks inaccessible for end user and locked?
  1. 2012/05/10 at 06:34

    Hi Thomas
    I just picked this up off your blog…
    With our Sony Virtuoso digital language labs we have noticed the same issues with the Blues USB 6206 chip. We now supply client headsets with a USB chip which is half the size of that shown in the picture and protrudes no more than a standard USB connection.
    Also our Sony Virtuoso developers have completed a software overhaul to the sound processing programme, so now our customers can utilise other branded headsets, while not compromising quality of audio and functionality of the software.
    With kind regards,
    Mark Stimpfig, ConnectED, EMEA Distributors of Sony Virtuoso Language Lab software.

    • 2012/05/15 at 12:32

      Hi Mark,

      A smaller soundcard on USB connector could certainly help as long as it does not affect the sound quality. Or a USB extension cable, but that is another connection that can break, and an extra expense. Neither would solve the other cable management problems we have in our tight space…

      Glad to see you keeping improving the digital audio lab,

      • 2012/05/15 at 12:38

        Hi Thomas thanks for your response. I am happy to show you the smaller USB cable and share info on improving lab space and designs. Best. Mark

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