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How to change the display language and speech recognition language on Windows 8 computers

2014/09/07 1 comment
  1. I seem to be getting a lot of hits on this post for Windows 7 where the globalized language features are still limited to Enterprise and Ultimate SKU (and especially not available in Home and Home basic which most language learning users will work with).
  2. Windows 8 to the rescue, as per Steven Sinofsky’s blog post:
  3. Or if you need a visual step-by-step, here is me adding German to English on Windows 8.1 Professional:image image
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    Just 1 easy option now is they input language: image

MS-Surface RT unboxing

How to connect an MS-Surface RT to the secure campus wireless

  1. This worked on a 1st generation Surface, but with Windows 8.1.
  2. No problem getting onto the UNCC49er network, but the Surface/Windows 8 is not supported on the NINERWifi-secure yet. Specifically, loading the automated configuration tools provided when first trying to access the   NINERWifi-secure, fails on the RT platform. CAM04613CAM04614
  3. I received seemingly conflicting instructions:
    1. The campus website
      1. has for devices that are not supported manual configuration settings.
      2. Another campus that uses the same secure wireless provider has these instructions for Windows 8.
      3. I could piece it together from there,
      4. including any translation to (there is none needed that I could see which BTW actually amazes me) Windows 8 RT.
    2. Maybe the following would have worked also, but I did not try it since I was already in the middle of the above steps:
      1. Swipe in from the right-edge of the screen, and tap Settings. (If you’re using a mouse, point to upper-right corner of screen, move the mouse pointer down, and then click Settings.)
      2. Tap or click the wireless network icon Wireless network icon. A list of available wireless networks should appear.
      3. Look for the “Hidden Network” option and then choose it.
      4. When it prompts for a SSID, type in exactly: NinerWiFi-Secure
      5. It should then prompt for username/password (NinerNET credentials).
      6. Say yes to any certificates warnings that pop up.