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How a teacher can start up the Sanako Study 1200 for her class

  1. The Sanako Tutor software starts automatically, when you log in on the teacher station in the LRC:  image
  2. Choose from “saved classes” what best you fits your class-size:
    1. “Both halfs” (still not the full classroom, due to lack of licenses),
    2. or, for small class sizes up to 16 computers, left or, preferably, right-half
  3. Students also need to log in, and class is not ready for the Sanako until all students show up as Student icons like the right me: image
    1. We can get there faster once we
      1. upgrade to faster computers
      2. fix that they manually have to choose their client
      3. have at least the teacher already log in from her office
    2. Hint: Log in yourself on a couple of student computers,  to have them ready for latecomers (easier to deal with them being logged in as you than if the class has to wait for 5-10 minutes).
  4. Then, choose how to display the students on your classroom map: image
  5. Finally,
    1. during your class’ first visit can play them this screencast introduction into Sanako digital audio lab procedures
    2. during later visits, you can refresh their knowledge of the basics in the digital audio lab with this slideshow.
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