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Our Drupal now allows Add to Calendar links.

  1. Neat: Click on the calendar icon at the end of the date line:
  2. image
  3. When prompted, Click open (which will stat your default file association for ICS files, likely MS-Outlook):
  4. image
  5. if necessary, add a suitable reminder, and click””save&close”image
  6. Your appointment, with location, will be put in your calendar and come alive when you need the reminder(and where, if you connect your other, home and mobile devices to MS-Exchange): image
  7. But as of yet, not everybody seems to be using this handy facility (I find myself manually copying over info into manually created appointments).
  8. Unfortunately, this is still only a static ICS file, not a subscription which would be automatically updated in your calendar if the originator/organizer changes the schedule.
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