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How to view the full MS-Exchange resource booking details in scheduling assistant

  1. If you set resource mailbox calendar default permissions  to “full details” like so: image
  2. you will get the benefit of seeing immediately the contact info of other bookers of the resource in the scheduling assistant , like so:
  3. image
  4. That is more personal and personable – in Outlook! In OWA of exchange 2010 sp2, you still do not, and you have to go through the full calendar (subscribed or published with full detail like in the view links here).
  5. Here is a little bonus for the recent commenter: You may have to trigger a refresh (wait time seemed bit enough). The information for the resources at the bottom I started seeing only after I switched back and forth between scheduling assistant/appointment/scheduling assistant view. image
  1. Esy
    2013/10/26 at 14:14

    Thank you this has been very informative. In my company we are in he process of preparing to upgrade to Exchange 2013 so I’m currently researching new features on resource mailboxes. Do you know if there is a cmdlet that will export calendar resource utilization information? According to upper management I will be required to report this type of info regularly. I will appreciate any information you can provide

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