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“Sanako License service has not responded to the license query”


The dialogue popped up again after my restarting the study server (running on the same computer). After another “new license query”, the system seemed to operate normally (only that it became unresponsive and crashed (after doing heavy screen sharing and screen recording activities for a considerable time)

This is on a Dell Optiplex 760 – Might this be the root cause, and could running the server on a different computer help?.

How a teacher can easily restart the Sanako Study 1200 licensing classroom server when experiencing a crash

  1. Try  clicking and running this (, if you see that:
  2. image
  3. this is for
    1. if your sanako tutor hangs with status message "verifying tutor" and you are confronted with the error dialogue "Connection to the communication platform has been disconnected and the system is not able to communicate with the classroom server anymore"
    2. And if you run the classroom server on the same computer as the tutor (as we do)
    3. And if you have checked  your "network connection",  like gone to a website, and it is restored (e.g.  If you simply had unplugged your  the cable)? 
    4. And if you do not want to "restart your system if needed" since, as in our case, that takes a big chunk time out of your class
  4. Hint:  this can’t fix your network if that is the root cause, but may be able to work around temporary service outages.

Protected: Sanako teacher station stuck on trying to verify the license

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Sanako licensing error in the middle of an exam?

What NOW? I decided to not update from 22 to 24 licenses last night to avoid running into issues like that with pending exams. Can this be a mere temporary network error? How can I assure students can submit their Sanako homework activity?UPDATE: The problem went away as mysteriously as it had cropped up, even before a restart of the teacher computer or Sanako services running on that computer (I did restart Sanako Teacher, though). However, during the outage, other network sites could be pinged from the teacher computer. Licensing server issue then?