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Windowing system infinite loop on windows 8.1

  1. Rather annoying, no getting out of this loop, endless window foreground switching, but also unclear about the screen resolution, it seems. Ha
  2. Oh, wait, I changed the dpi scaling, but chose to not log off, has that got something to do with this? Well, I have seen this loop behavior before, and I also frequent get terrible slowdowns which I have not been able to do root cause analysis for (also video-related? or network? )
  3. Either way, likely related frequent explorer crashes which downgrade from aero. Sometimes I lose Aero’s advanced task scheduler completely, here I have a screenshot of it just coming back: CAM07615
  4. Have not been able to find other similar problem / but reports – something wrong with my setup then? (never mind that my camera has its own infinite loop auto focus bug.
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