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Another possible cause for WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR: Overheating?

  1. Problem:
    1. Win8.1. System experiences terrible slow downs.
    2. Eventually  even BSODs with whea_uncorrectable_errors crop up.
  2. Root Cause:
    1. Trying to do root cause analysis, I consider:
      1. Search for “Windows woes after 8.1 upgrade” (online searches lead to results, but seem not applicable here).
      2. Internet (speed test shows normal): image
      3. Virus: I have Window Essentials, but also try Malwarebytes – prognosis negative.
      4. GPU (Bitcoin miner?), CPU. GPU-Z shows no problem there : image
      5. CPUID HWMonitor to the rescue: GPU utilization looks good here also, but what is this with the CPU temperatures?!?! image
    2. On opening up the case and examining the CPU: poorly managed cable blocked the fan heat sink.
  3. Solution: Cable ties! (This new video card install proved more expensive than it should).
  4. Other thoughts:
    1. Why did Windows Performance Metering show the apparently throttled CPU still as mostly idle (It still showed single digit percentages for CPU utilization even when computer was positively crawling)?
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