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Intel HD 4000 a disappointment even in 2D…

  1. I did not expect anything great of INTEL HD’s 3d performance, and I do not need it.
    1. I thought, however, I could get away with the  HD4000 which is part of my I5-3570k.
    2. first disappointment: my board comes with HDMI, DVI and VGA, but HD4000 supports only up to 2 screens at a time.
    3. System is unbalanced, slowed down.
    4. Winsat seems to indicate, why:  image
    5. Seems poorly balanced by Intefor the most common use case.
  2. After installing an  ASUS GT640-2GD (inexpensive, but supports 4 displays):
    1. And 4 (+2, the alignment is better than it appears in this photo stitch) instead of dual screens: CAM07458-Montage
    2. Still not great (and the 3d score drops actually), but seems much more usable during office work: CPUScore              : 7.8
      D3DScore              : 6.4
      DiskScore             : 8.05
      GraphicsScore         : 6.4
      MemoryScore           : 7.8
    3. Especially efficient is the support of 4 displays without need for equipment supporting Displayport:
    4. No full screen spanning support in the driver (monitors are not considered one large screen by Windows): good for window management with Aero Snap; not good for multimedia display spanning screens.
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